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Based out of Corning, NY, we help families build better, balanced relationships with their k9 companions through professional dog training services - specializing in basic obedience and behavior modification.

We Believe in Balance.

We Believe in Balance.


We believe in balance.

At Balanced Beginnings, we believe in a balanced training approach. We achieve progress and results through a variety oftraining tools and technique.
We utilize these tools in order to achieve reliable obedience and behaviors that can be easily transferred back to the owner. The goal of our training is to enhance the quality of life for both the dog and the owner.

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Our Tools.

The Prong Collar
This tool uses pressure and release to provide feedback to the dog. It communicates with the dog by evenly distributing pressure around the neck.
The eCollar
This tool uses TENS unit technology to act as a muscle stimulator. It is used to send information to the dog in a neutral manner and can be a gateway to off-leash freedom.
This tool is used to motivate the dog and assist in building a relationship at the front end of training. Our goal is to have every dog working for their daily meals during the first week of the program. No more picky eaters or free feeding schedules.
Who is balanced training for?

Balanced training is for anyone who wants a better relationship with their dog.

Positive reinforcement is an important aspect of every training program, but it is also essential to tell your dog "NO" when necessary.

When you incorporate structure, boundaries, and clear expectations into your dogs life it can only lead to an improved bond. Your dog will begin to feel more fulfilled and leave you feeling less burnt out by a previously unbalanced relationship. Any dog can benefit from these changes whether they are already displaying bad behaviors or maybe just need help with the basics.

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Our Services

Board & Train

An intensive, lifestyle-based training program catered specifically to your dog. Training takes place in a home environment as well as outdoor and public settings. These immersive programs will focus on behavior modification, impulse control, real world experience and obedience.

Overnight Boarding

Available to all board and train graduates. A boarding experience that will maintain training and structure while you're away.

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